A Deep Dive into Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Iman Nurlin
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Bild av: A Deep Dive into Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Iman Nurlin

A Deep Dive into Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Iman Nurlin

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Nov 8, 2023
Bild av: A Deep Dive into Aesthetic Medicine with Dr. Iman Nurlin

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Iman Nurlin (IN) opens up about her journey in aesthetic medicine, her commitment to her patients, and her vision for the future with Haelo.

- Thank you for joining us, Dr. Nurlin. To start, can you describe the essence of your work in aesthetic medicine? 

IN: Thank you for having me. Yes, certainly. At the heart of my work is the belief that my clients are the foundation of my joy and love for what I do. Every treatment we offer is a chance to unveil a little bit of magic, bring sparks of happiness, and provide a tangible boost of confidence for them.


Kvinnlig injektionssjuksköterska under konsultation med manlig patient som tittar sig i spegeln

Throughout history, beauty has been perceived differently across cultures, but the universal trait is the psychological impact it carries. Feeling beautiful isn't just about vanity; it's intertwined with our self-esteem, confidence, overall mental well-being, and of course human biology. Research indicates that when individuals feel good about their appearance, they often carry a more positive outlook on life, are more open to opportunities, and exhibit higher resilience in the face of challenges.

- Your approach to facial aesthetics seems to be quite unique, especially with its holistic and psychosocial emphasis. Can you tell us more about that?

IN: Absolutely. I firmly believe in achieving harmony and balance in my treatments. The face isn’t just a canvas—it reflects our emotions, experiences, and even our mental state. By taking a holistic and psychosocial approach, I ensure that the changes are not just superficial but resonate with the person's inner self.

Dr Iman Nurlin injektionssjuksköterska i ett porträtt på kliniken Haelo

The aesthetic medicine industry is booming with innovations, from non-invasive treatments that use ultrasound technology to targeted micro-therapies that stimulate natural collagen. These advancements not only offer more choices but also ensure safer, more precise, and longer-lasting results. Furthermore, with the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, there's a better understanding of facial structures, leading to more personalized and optimal treatments for individuals.

- You've garnered quite a reputation both in Sweden and internationally. What do you attribute your success to?

IN: Thank you for the kind words. I feel it's a combination of a few things. Firstly, my structured facial analysis is key. Secondly, precise and structured injection techniques and strategies ensure safer, more natural, and refined results. But also, I constantly immerse myself in the art and science of aesthetics, always learning and sharing my knowledge with peers. I believe in elevating the entire cosmetic industry through research and education.

- Speaking of sharing knowledge, we've heard you're quite active as an international lecturer and have also dedicated time to scientific work within the aesthetic field. What drives this passion?

IN: It's simple – the desire to improve my own knowledge and skills, and elevate the cosmetic industry. By sharing my experiences and insights, I hope to inspire others to adopt best practices, innovate, and push the boundaries of what's possible in aesthetic medicine.

Manlig patient gör en fillerbehandling av kindben

With the fusion of technical innovations and a deeper understanding of the psychology of beauty, treatments are becoming more than just cosmetic enhancements. They are bridges to a better mental state, where individuals not only look their best but feel their best. The blend of tech and psychology offers a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being.

- Shifting the focus to Haelo, what drew you to this collaboration?

IN: Haelo resonates with me deeply. It’s not just about treatments or results; it's about a fresh perspective that combines medical science, high-tech innovation, and a genuine dedication to patient well-being. I'm impressed with Haelo’s commitment to creating an inclusive, safe, and inviting space for everyone.

- Lastly, what should clients expect from the collaboration between you and Haelo?

IN: Clients can expect a synergy of my holistic approach with Haelo's innovative techniques performed by skilled and talented injectors and skin therapists. Together, we're gearing up to shape the future of aesthetic medicine, ensuring clients receive not just treatments, but transformative experiences.

- Dr. Nurlin, it's been enlightening to hear your insights. Thank you for your time.

IN: My pleasure. I'm genuinely excited about this and very pleased to invite our patients on this journey!

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